Hospitality to Health Renaissance: Innovative Community-Based Healthcare Strategies

credit: Wall Blog

"If we cannot slay the healthcare 'beast,' millennials will have their future stolen from them."

So writes David Chase in a paper published last month in Relocalizing Health: The Future of Healthcare is Local.

Chase is the CEO of Rosen Hotels, which has spent more than $100 million in Orlando, Fla., to create RosenCare, a not-for-profit that provides health care for its employees and their families.

The idea is to keep as much of the money as possible in the local community, where it could be used to improve the health and well-being of residents.

"If these dollars were not extracted elsewhere, they could go to local health and well-being (defined as body, mind, and spirit), which have positive outcomes for better health of the children and adults living locally," the paper states.

The RosenCare model is based on Chase's own research, which found that 75% of the money spent on US health care goes to out-of-town corporations with corporate headquarters, as well as drug/pharmaceutical and health insurance plans with corporate headquarters in other states.

"The US spends over US $4 trillion per annum (approximately 18% of GDP) on its healthcare system," Chase writes.

"What is forcing innovation in US healthcare...

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